Since the Fall of 2010, we (NorthCreek Church) have hosted the NorthCreek Counseling
Training (NCT) Conference. The conference has grown beyond our expectations
without a grand vision other than to equip people to counsel/disciple others using the

In 2010 around 150 people attended our first conference, yet last year (2022), over 700
people were in attendance, including over 70 pastors and over 120 churches around
Northern California. The impact on Northern California is undeniable when you
consider that these people have returned to their churches with a greater desire and
ability to minister the Word of God to others in need.

The NCT Conference is designed to help all Christians, including pastors and lay
leaders, increase their skills and confidence in the private ministry of the Word. With a
strong conviction of the sufficiency of Scripture for both salvation and sanctification, we
seek to provide engaging speakers that exposit and apply the Word to relevant topics
that men and women face. Topics like grief, fear, worry & anxiety, depression, pride,
lust, anger, conflict resolution, forgiveness, reconciliation, communication, and
parenting…nearly 100 unique topics every year!

The solutions to life’s problems that this conference offers are distinct from
the world’s. We offer Christ: His love and compassion, His regenerating work in the
hearts of men, and wisdom from His Word. He alone has the ability to meet us in every
hurt, every pain, and every struggle we may face.

Not Just for Counselors
One misconception about the NCT (perhaps due to the stigma attached to the word
“counseling”) is that the conference is only for pastors and experts – not true! Whether
you are a pastor, counselor, lay leader, or simply “just someone in the church wanting
to serve,” if you desire to help real people with real problems, using your Bible, this is the
conference for you!

*Given the subject matter discussed, NCT is most suitable for believers in college and above.